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Magnetic Jewelry !

The growing acceptance of ALTERNATIVE HEALTH CARE has created a wave of enthusiasm for MAGNETIC THERAPY. The Greeks and Egyptians first recorded the therapeutic benefits of permanent magnets four thousand years ago. A Chinese text dating to 2000 BC describes how a magnet applied to an acupuncture point had beneficial results. But magnets are enjoying a resurgence in popularity as part of a general movement toward ALTERNATIVE therapies or unconventional treatments. Many ATHLETES, including many PROFESSIONAL GOLFERS, have reported they feel better when wearing a magnetic bracelet around their wrist. MAGNETIC FIELDS are all around us, being generated by natural factors such as Earth and weather, and electrical devices like computers, TV's, and microwave technology. These fields decrease our pH level and reduce the effectiveness of our immune system.

Jerry creates beautiful and seviceable jewelry for both men and women. A user himself,he can attest that many purchase his creations simply for the aesthetic appeal. To contact Jerry e mail him at.